Biliary Stent

The ALIMAXX-B Biliary Uncovered Stent is indicated for palliation of malignant strictures in the biliary tree.


  • Laser cut nitinol construction provides for virtually no foreshortening or elongation.
  • Unique anti-migration struts reduces stent migration.
  • High conformability to aid in stent placement of tortuous anatomy and maintain luminal patency.
  • An open cell design allows for "Y-Stenting" at the hilar region.
  • The ALIMAXX-B's Biliary geometric shape provides increased and uniform radial force with true dynamic expansion.
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Ordering Info
  • Accurate one-handed delivery helps ensure proper stent placement.
  • Low profile (6.5) pre-loaded delivery catheter.
  • Virtually no foreshortening or elongation and no catheter jumping.
  • Flexible delivery system allows for stent placement in difficult anatomical locations.

ALIMAXX-B Biliary Delivery Catheter

ALIMAXX-B Biliary Delivery Catheter Tip

Catalog Number Stent Size Options ALIMAXX-B
Biliary Stent
70129-204 8 x 40 Uncovered
70129-205 8 x 60
70129-206 8 x 80
70129-208 10 x 40 Uncovered
70129-209 10 x 60
70129-210 10 x 80
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ALIMAXX-B Biliary Stent System (INT)

ALIMAXX-B Biliary Stent System (US)

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