Negative Pressure Syringe

Merit Endotek’s VacLok Negative Pressure Syringe is the perfect tool for creating a vacuum pressure. With the VacLok, Merit Endotek continues to support clinicians by turning negative pressure into a positive experience.


  • Plunger design holds negative pressure with ease, and won’t inadvertently disengage.
  • Large wings and skid resistant thumb pad make syringe easy to grip and control.
  • Available in 20ml, 30ml, 60ml.
  • Can be used as negative pressure syringe or as standard syringe.
  • Four or six negative pressure settings (dependent on syringe size)
  • Propietary Design
  • Ordering Info

Only two-steps to lock negative pressure

Easy to use Ergonomic Effective

Catalog Number Size Pres. Settings Packaged
ENDO-VAC20 20ml 4 position 20/box
ENDO-VAC30 30ml 6 position 20/box
ENDO-VAC60 60ml 6 position 25/box