The TIO (Three-In-One) is a combination product that incorporates the benefits of an oropharyngeal airway, a bite block and an oxygen administration port into one convenient, easy to use device. The innovative design of the TIO enhances procedure efficiency and improves patient care in a multitude of procedures including TEE, endoscopic procedures that require deep conscious sedation and patients with oropharyngeal obstructions such as sleep apnea.

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Features Benefits
Unique Oral Airway Design

Offered in multiple blade lengths to meet anatomical requirements

Comfortable 60F Bite Block Easy and safe insertion of a wide array of endoscopes, flexible bronchoscopes and other through-the-mouth tools and instruments
Convenient Standard Oxygen Port Designed to deliver supplemental oxygen up to 6.0L/min
Catalog Number Size Color
TIO60-90 90mm Yellow
TIO60-100 100mm Blue
TIO60-110 110mm Purple