Esophageal Stent with Reflux
Control Valve

The EndoMAXX EVT Fully Covered Esophageal Stent with Reflux Control Valve introduces the integration of the latest in esophageal stent and polymer valve technologies. Based on the EndoMAXX Esophageal Stent platform, the integrated reflux control valve is designed to alleviate reflux, a common complication when stenting across the gastroesophageal junction.

Not currently approved or available for sale in the US.


  • The integrated tricuspid valve is designed to mitigate reflux by:
    • Allowing the passage of food and liquids, inverting to permit belching and/or vomiting and reverting back to the standard closed position.
  • The laser cut stent design provides for virtually no foreshortening nor elongation of the stent resulting in:
    • Increased deployment accuracy with no need to compensate for stent foreshortening
    • Reduction in stent movement "inch worming" as a result of the stent elongating and shortening from changes in compression force
  • Proprietary anti-migration struts are designed to reduce stent migration.
  • The exclusive design of the EndoMAXX EVT allows for variations in radial force along the stent body resulting in luminal patency throughout while the soft flared ends are designed to reduce tissue irritation and damage to healthy esophageal mucosa.
  • A proximal metal suture provides a means for repositioning and/or removal of the stent with valve post stent placement.
  • The EndoMAXX EVT is indicated for stenting refractory benign esophageal strictures for up to 6 months.
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Valve Specs
  • Ordering Info
  • Accurate one-handed delivery over target site
  • Virtually no foreshortening or elongation.
  • Incorporates a pliable and tapered tip to facilitate placement through tight strictures.
  • Uniform delivery system platform

Valve Specs *

Retrograde pressure ≥255 mm H2O, <550 mm H2O
Antegrade flow >100 mL/min
Valve return pressure ≤133 mm H2O

Distal View

Proxmial View


* Based on Merit Medical Endotek Bench Testing information on file


  Stent Size Options Delivery Device
Catalog Number Mid-Body Stent Diameter (mm) Proximal Stent Flare Diameter (mm) Distal Stent Flare Diameter (mm) Stent Length (cm) Catheter Diameter (F) Stent Pod Diameter (F) Working Length (cm)
MAXX-V-1910EU 19 24 22 10 18.3 37.5 70
MAXX-V-1912EU 19 24 22 12 18.3 37.5 70
MAXX-V-1915EU 19 24 22 15 18.3 37.5 70
MAXX-V-2310EU 23 28 26 10 18.3 37.5 70
MAXX-V-2312EU 23 28 26 12 18.3 37.5 70
MAXX-V-2315EU 23 28 26 15 18.3 37.5 70


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